Hello everybody!

My name is Youri (as you’ve probably already guessed….) and this is my website!

Here I post some of my drawings, games, stories and my gaming videos.

And now a little about myself; I’m 17 years old, I live in the Netherlands, I currently work at the Albert Heijn (even though my first day is this Friday), I enjoy playing games (like Smite, Borderlands, Pokémon, Binding of Isaac and Minecraft every now and again), drawing, writing and I’ve been getting into coding too. I have 3 cats (Fluffy, DJ and B-boy) and 1 dog (Chica). My favorite animals are crows, wolfs and squirrels. So I think that’s about it…. Be sure to check out the rest of my website….


*whispers*Also be sure to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to me on YouTube.

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gaming videos



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random stories

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A normal man

| short stories | No Comments

In a land far far away, a boy was born. This boy was just like any other boy, nothing special about him.

A strange girl

| short stories | One Comment

A little girl was sitting in a corner playing with her dolls all alone. Nobody wanted to play with her because she was “different”.

A story of betrayal

| short stories | No Comments

One day, a boy woke up and realized something very important… That he was in fact, the one and only, squirrel king!

A cloudy day

| short stories | No Comments

On a cloudy afternoon, clouds covered the sky. But it wasn’t raining just yet.